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12/28 AM Stedfast In The Lord (Bro. Marty Mullis)
12/28 PM Great Is Thy Faithfulness
12/21 AM My Emmanuel, God With Us
12/21 PM Names Of Jesus
12/14 AM Labor And Rest (Bro. Joshua Leach)
12/07 AM My People Doth Not Consider
12/07 PM Keep This Man And Save Your Soul
11/30 AM What Shall I Render Unto The Lord
11/30 PM Deliver Us From Evil (Bro. Clay Gill)
11/23 AM Be Thankful
11/16 AM Saving Grace and Serving Grace
11/16 PM Sword of Separation
11/9 AM Lead Me O Lord
11/9 PM Truth About Troubles
11/2 AM Persuading Men
11/2 PM To Hold Your Peace Or Not To Hold Your Peace (Bro. Clay Gill)
10/26 AM Look Again Toward The Holy Temple
10/26 PM Ye Have Not Passed This Way Heretofore
10/19 AM Walking With God Bro. Marty Mullis
10/19 PM Proving The Sincerity Of Your Love
10/12 AM Never Man Spake Like This Man
10/12 PM Never Man Spake Like This Man (Keys To Greatness)
10/05 AM Testimony of Jesus Christ
10/05 PM Keep Understanding
09/28 AM Eternal Life: Hereafter and Here
09/28 PM Eternal Life: John 3:16
09/21 AM Sin: Consequences and Remedies
09/21 PM Forgiveness: Eternal and Conditional
09/14 AM Spiritual Food For Your Soul (Part 1)
09/14 PM Spiritual Food For Your Soul (Part 2)
09/07 AM All Good Gifts
09/07 PM Do You See Jesus
08/31 AM Strengthening The Hands Of Evil Doers
08/31 PM Godly Friendship (Bro. Joshua Leach)
08/24 AM I Must Tell Jesus
08/24 PM The Journey (Bro. Clay Gill)
08/17 AM The Name Of The Lord
08/17 PM The Name Of Jesus
08/10 AM Do Not Be Afraid
08/10 PM Calling On The Name Of The Lord
08/03 AM The Hills From Whence Cometh My Help
08/03 PM God's Blessings And Cursings
07/27 AM You Are Rich
07/27 PM Oneness
07/20 AM Live By Faith
07/20 PM Not Good To Live Alone
07/13 AM Baptism of The Holy Ghost
07/13 PM Baptism With Fire
07/06 AM Is Your Heart Right
07/06 PM Water Baptism
06/22 AM What Are You Doing For Yourself
06/22 PM What Will You Do For Yourself
06/15 AM What Are You Doing With Yourself
06/15 PM Is Your Attitude One Of Gratitude (Marty Mullis)
06/01 AM Truth Through Jeremiah
06/01 PM Ask For The Old Path
05/25 AM We Need To Remember
05/25 PM A Good Soldier
05/18 AM The Severity of Homosexuality
05/18 PM The Bread of Life
05/11 AM A Mother's Love, Faith, And Comfort
05/11 PM Characteristics Of A Fool And A Wise Man
05/04 AM Walking Into Darkness Part 1
05/04 PM Walking Into Darkness Part 2
04/27 AM Forgiveness
04/27 PM Truth Or Consequences (Bro. Clay Gill)
04/20 7AM The Sun Of Rightousness
04/20 AM A Lively Hope
04/20 PM Lively Hope In A Risen Savior
04/13 AM Father Thy Will Be Done
04/13 PM Ought Not Christ To Have Suffered
04/06 AM Seek First The Kingdom Of God
04/06 PM God Does Not Change
03/30 AM Render Honor To Whom Due
03/30 PM God With Us (Joshua Leach)
03/23 AM Pleasing God
03/23 PM Christians Are Enemies Of The World
03/16 AM Little Ones
03/09 AM Righteousness
03/09 PM The Great Deliverer
03/02 AM What Spirit Are Ye Of
03/02 PM Prone To Wander
02/23 AM Who Gets The Blame
02/23 PM Born For Adversity
02/16 AM Some Things I Know Pt. 1
02/16 PM Some Things I Know Pt. 2
02/09 AM Suffering Pt. 1
02/09 PM Suffering Pt. 2
02/02 AM We Should Be Weeping Pt. 1
02/02 PM We Should Be Weeping Pt. 2
01/26 AM Sanctification
01/26 PM Sanctify Yourselves
01/19 AM Sanctity Of Life
01/19 PM The Cost Of Living
01/12 AM God's Order
01/12 PM Where Is Your Home (Philip Nichols)
01/05 AM Choices (Jerry Forsyth)
01/05 PM A New Man (Philip Nichols)


12/29 AM Rejoice In Jesus
12/29 PM Too Late Doctrine (Joshua Leach)
12/22 AM Providence Of God
12/15 AM Christ In Us
12/15 PM Savior
12/08 AM Receiving The Holy Ghost
12/08 PM Unprofitable Servant
12/01 AM Be of Good Cheer
12/01 PM Stamp of Approval - (Marty Mullis)
11/24 AM Be Thankful
11/17 AM See God
11/17 PM See The Lord
11/10 AM Reap What You Sow
11/10 PM Sin
11/03 AM Deceiving Ourselves (part 1)
11/03 PM Deceiving Ourselves (part 2)
10/27 AM Deceived by the Devil
10/27 PM Deceived by others
10/20 AM Trust In God
10/20 PM Fulfill Your Ministry
10/13 AM Snares and Traps
10/13 PM Abide With One Another
10/06 AM Love of God part 1
10/06 PM Love of God part 2
09/29 AM Call On The Lord
09/22 AM What Can The Righteous Do
09/22 PM Shine In The Midst
09/15 AM Where Is Your Faith
09/15 PM Be Merciful
09/08 AM God Does Good and Evil part 1
09/08 AM God Does Good and Evil part 2
09/01 AM Receive The Little Ones
08/25 AM Trees of Righteousness
08/25 PM Dying For Jesus
08/18 AM Power In Christ
08/18 PM Not We Ourselves
08/11 AM The Truth
08/11 PM Walk In The Truth
08/04 AM Don't Sell Out
08/04 PM Jesus Is Our First Love
07/28 AM Becoming Another Man
07/21 AM Study To Discern Good and Evil
07/14 PM Footmen and Horsemen
07/07 AM Unity Between Friends
07/07 PM Unity Among All Followers Of Jesus
06/30 AM Unity In The Church
06/30 PM The Church Is One Body
06/23 AM Oneness With God
06/23 PM Unity In The Home
06/02 AM Peace Like A River
06/02 PM Because Of Unbelief
05/26 AM If Mindful Of The Old Country
05/26 PM God Is Able
05/12 AM Let Not The Child Be Divided
05/12 PM Open Your Doors To The Traveler
05/05 AM Learn From The Lord - part 1
05/05 PM Learn From The Lord - part 2
04/21 AM When I Kept Silence, My Bones Waxed Old
04/21 PM Refuse To Be Silent
04/07 PM Good Tidings
03/31 AM We Have a Lively Hope
03/31 PM Suffer For Well Doing
03/24 AM We Are Responsible For Our Own Righteousness
03/24 PM A Night Much To Be Observed
03/10 AM O Come Let Us Sing
03/10 PM A Wise Man
01/06 AM Treasure from the Lord
01/06 PM The Church of Jesus Christ








 Jan 1st  Laboring in the House of The Lord AM

Play  Jan 2nd AM A friend of Jesus Play  1-03 PM Peace
Play  Jan 1st  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem PM Play  Jan 2nd PM He is ABLE Play  1-03 AM The Word of God will save your soul
Play  Jan 8th   Homecoming AM Play  Jan 9th AM The Refreshing Home Play  1-10 PM Christian Responsibility
Play  Jan 8th   Homecoming PM Play  Jan 9th The Real Name of Jesus PM Play  1-10 AM What makes a Home
Play  Jan 15th God healeth the broken in heart AM Play  Jan 16th Jesus is the stone we should fall on AM Play  1-17 AM The Unborn Babies

 Jan 15th Cast all your cares upon Him PM

Play  Jan 16th You can't hold on to God's Word w/o Jesus Play  1-24 AM What manner of man is this
Play  Jan 22nd  We are not worthy AM Play  Feb 6th  Remember God  AM Play  1-24 PM The Devil's Devices

 Jan 29th I am not ashamed of the gospel AM

Play  Feb 6th When The Lord brings you down PM Play  1-31 AM Entrusted w/ God's Word

 Feb 5th  The Heart AM

Play  Feb 13th Give yourself wholly to God AM Play  1-31 PM Fellowship, Knowledge and Truth

 Feb 5th  The Mouth PM

Play  Feb 13th Be Faithful, not fickle, toward God PM Play  2-07 PM Where should a Christian be

 Feb 12th What sayest thou of thyself AM

Play  Feb 20th Ask God to strengthen your hands AM Play  2-14 AM Do you love Jesus

 Feb 12th Fear not (Bro. David Durrence) PM

Play  Feb 20th PM The Church's duty to its members Play  2-14 PM Behave Thyself

 Feb 19th Samson's Thirst AM

Play  Feb 27th Repent and seek the faith of Jesus AM Play  2-21 AM The Joyful Noise

 Feb 19th The Slippery Slope PM

Play  Feb 27th Faith toward Jesus Christ PM Play  2-21 PM Righteously or Riotously
    Play  Mar 6th Choose Life AM Play  2-28 AM The City of God
    Play  Mar 6th PM Enhancing our service to God (Bro. Phillip) Play  2-28 PM Who will rise up for me
    Play  Mar 13th Ministry of Reconciliation AM Play  3-07 AM Making Excuses


Play  Mar 13th Ministry of The Saints PM Play  3-07 PM Give even as Christ gave
    Play  Mar 20th To die serving Jesus AM Play  3-14 AM The Rock
    Play  Mar 20th Look at the right things PM Play  3-14 PM What is Scripture
    Play  Mar 27th Give Glory to God AM Play  3-21 AM The Gifts of God
    Play  Mar 27th Fear not God is with us PM Play  3-21 PM Stephen, a man full of the Holy Ghost
    Play  Apr 10th Listen to the word of God AM Play  3-28 PM Are you really a Christian
    Play  Apr 10th So... PM Play  3-28 AM Today is the day that The Lord has made
    Play  Apr 17th AM Worry Not Play  4-04 PM Christ, denied
    Play  Apr 24th Jesus is our lively hope AM Play  4-11 AM Who do YOU say Jesus is
    Play  Apr 24th The ways of Jesus PM Play  4-11 PM The Riches of Jesus
    Play  May 1st AM Render unto God Play  4-18 AM Believe upon Jesus
    Play  May 1st PM My cup runneth over Play  4-18 PM Jesus, I am
    Play  May 15th PM Consider Jesus Play  4-25 AM The Power to be Sons of God
    Play  May 22nd It is good to be here AM Play  4-25 PM With Christ you have Life
    Play  May 22nd 2 TIMOTHY 3.16  PM Play  5-02 AM Things seen and things unseen
    Play  May 29th Who is God PM Play  5-02 PM Brotherly Love
    Play  June 5th The Lion shall prevail AM Play  5-09 AM Honor our Mothers
    Play  June 5th Judged for every word PM Play  5-09 PM The Solid Rock
    Play  June 12th REJOICE AM Play  5-16 AM Is it for the gifts
    Play  June 12th The Marks of Jesus Christ PM Play  5-23 AM Don't rebel against God
    Play  June 19th Shall I not drink of this cup AM Play  6-06 AM The Master Teacher
    Play  June 19th The Power of God PM Play  6-06 PM Jesus as Lord
    Play  June 26th Go to Jesus AM Play  6-13 AM King of Glory
    Play  June 26th Higher Standards PM Play  6-13 PM Give God your heart everyday
    Play  July 3rd Behave Thyself AM Play  6-20 AM You and your Household
    Play  July 3rd Except The Lord build a house PM Play  7-04 AM Our dependence on God
    Play  July 10th Master Teacher PM Play  7-04 PM Free from the bondage of sin
    Play  July 17th Keep Thyself in the Love of God AM Play  7-11 AM Give yourself willingly to The Lord
    Play  July 17th Are your ways Gods ways PM Play  7-11 PM The Church of Jesus Christ
    Play  July 24th Be Filled with The Spirit AM Play  7-18 AM Offended by The Word of God
    Play  July 24th The Eyes of The Lord PM Play  7-25 AM Teach to the Heart
    Play  July 31st Be guided by The Holy Spirit AM Play  8-08 AM We all have works
    Play  July 31st Grieve and Quench Not The Holy Spirit PM Play  8-08 PM Have Faith in Jesus
    Play  Aug 7th Unity AM Play  8-15 PM Is Thy soul cast down
    Play  Aug 7th Nicodemus's conv/ with Jesus PM Play  8-22 AM The Feet of Jesus
    Play  Aug 14th Dark clouds bring rain AM Play  8-22 PM God's Power will never change
    Play  Aug 14th All is Well PM Play  8-29 AM Blessed be the tie that binds
    Play  Aug 21st Don't die doing nothing AM Play  8-29 PM More than this
    Play  Aug 21st Go, Share, Tell... PM Play  9-05 AM Fret not, trust God
    Play  Aug 28th Give me and make me AM Play  9-05 PM Godly gain
    Play  Sept 4th Give, Pray, Walk and Speak AM Play  9-12 AM The Valley of Baca
    Play  Sept 4th God is always watching PM Play  9-12 PM God leads us
    Play  Sept 11th God's Elect AM Play  9-19 AM Is your heart right
    Play  Sept 11th The Very Elect PM Play  9-19 PM Is your heart right (pt 2)
    Play  Sept 18th AM The Lord WILL BE w/ HIS People Play  9-26 AM Behold the goodness of God
    Play  Sept 18th PM Listen to God's Word Play  9-26 PM The Plumb Line (Bro Steve Pierce)
    Play  Sept 25th Remember The Sabbath AM Play  10-03 AM Humble Yourself
    Play  Sept 25th Encourage one another toward good works PM Play  10-03 PM Faith Fear and Joy
    Play  Oct 2nd The God of Comfort AM    
    Play  Oct 2nd The Same Comfort PM    
    Play  Oct 9th Take People to Jesus AM    
    Play  Oct 9th Leave Them ALONE PM    
    Play  Nov 6th Running with the footman AM    
    Play  Nov 6th The True Church of Jesus Christ PM    
    Play  Nov 13th What will ye that I shall do unto you AM    
    Play  Nov 13th Why do you trimmest and gaddest thy way PM    
    Play  Dec 4th Children, Our Blessing AM    
    Play  Dec 4th In patience possess ye your souls PM    
    Play  Dec 25th Fear not AM    
    Play  Dec 25th Every Good Gift PM    






Play  1-04 AM Maintain Good Works Play  1-06 AM Who art thou that repliest against God Play  1-07 AM Follow God; Follow His Word
Play  1-04 PM Tarrying by the Stuff Play  1-06 PM Are you seeking The Lord Play  1-07 PM Stand Firm
Play  1-11 AM God is our dwelling place Play  1-13 AM A Happy Home pt 1 Play  1-14 AM Going Home
Play  1-11 PM Take the Identity of Jesus Play  1-13 PM A Happy Home pt 2 Play  1-21 AM There IS LIFE in the womb
Play  1-25 AM Awake, Arise, Walk and Redeem pt 1 Play  1-20 AM Have we cast away Jesus Play  1-21 PM Worthy
Play  1-25 PM Awake, Arise, Walk and Redeem pt 2 Play  1-20 PM Prepare your heart Play  1-28 AM Bridling the tongue
Play  2-01 AM The least of these Play  1-27 AM Our stumbling feet Play  1-28 PM Shun evil, Do Good
Play  2-01 PM Seeking the lost Play  1-27 PM His wondrous works Play  2-04 AM A temple in a city on a mountain
Play  2-08 AM Put your dung out of the camp Play  2-03 AM What are you thinking Play  2-04 PM We have come to great things
Play  2-15 AM Do you keep His Word Play  2-03 PM Will you do what it takes Play  2-18 AM Be not hasty in The Spirit
Play  2-15 PM Drawing nigh to the darkness Play  2-10 AM River of Peace Play  2-18 PM Why Worship God
Play  2-22 AM Behold Me Play  2-10 PM Helping others remove their grave clothes Play  2-25 AM Behold God's goodness/severity
Play  2-22 PM Trees of righteousness Play  2-17 PM Full of Joy Play  2-25 PM Leaving and Gaining better things
Play  3-01 AM What is Truth Play  3-02 AM Turn to the wall and pray Play  3-04 AM Things we know
Play  3-01 PM Be fruitful in the land of thy affliction Play  3-02 PM A friend of Jesus or Caesar Play  3-04 PM Jesus was raised to turn us from sin
Play  3-15 AM Bitter Waters Play  3-16 AM Evil Communication Play  3-11 AM Salt of the Earth
Play  3-15 PM The Lord w/ be far from the wicked Play  3-16 PM God's Love Play  3-11 PM Let your light shine
Play  3-22 AM Walls Play  3-23 AM He goeth before you Play  3-18 AM Look to God
Play  3-22 PM The burdens for God's people Play  3-30 AM Be pleasing to God Play  3-18 PM Where is your treasure
Play  3-29 AM The Lord's Banquet Play  3-30 PM Friends Play  4-01 AM Remember Jesus
Play  3-29 PM Hold of the banners of God Play  4-06 AM Do you really Love Play  4-01 PM Remember the teachings of Jesus
Play  4-05 AM Our Cup Play  4-06 PM Great men are not always wise Play  4-08 AM Behold Jesus
Play  4-05 PM Jesus is ALL Play  4-13 AM What shall you say pt 1 Play  4-08 PM Follow the rules of the house
Play  4-12 AM The Gospel of the Resurrection Play  4-13 PM What shall you say pt 2 Play  4-15 AM This Life
Play  5-03 AM The name of The Lord Play  4-20 AM Be NOT of the world Play  4-15 PM The Lord has made room
Play  5-03 PM The well in the Valley Play  4-20 PM Our Leader Play  4-22 AM Show forth HIS Salvation
Play  5-10 AM Look unto the hills Play  4-27 AM Follow Jesus pt 1 Play  4-22 PM WHY Show forth The Salvation of The Lord
Play  5-10 PM Gospel Shoes (Bro Phillip).mp3 Play  4-27 PM Follow Jesus pt 2 Play  4-29 AM Saved by Fire
Play  5-24 PM God's Pattern Play  5-04 AM What we desire pt 1 Play  4-29 PM Fiery trials and judgments
Play  5-31 AM Good Courage Play  5-04 PM What we desire pt 2 Play  5-06 AM Meeting God pt 1
Play  5-31 PM Show thy works to prove thy words Play  5-18 AM Singing carefully Play  5-06 PM Meeting God pt 2
Play  6-14 AM He Leads us Play  5-18 PM Whose I am and Whom I serve Play  5-13 PM Don't trim the ways of The Lord
Play  6-21 AM JOHN 15 Play  5-25 AM Memorials Play  5-20 AM Why have you come to Jesus
Play  6-28 AM Where is The Lord Play  5-25 PM The Father of Lights (Guest Speaker) Play  5-20 PM Patience
Play  6-28 PM The House of Prayer Play  6-01 AM Biblical Unity Play  5-27 AM Know which walls to tear down
Play  7-05 AM America, Once a Christian Nation Play  6-01 PM Those who follow the narrow path Play  5-27 PM Know which walls to build
Play  7-12 AM Being a comforter Play  6-08 AM We need The Lord Play  6-03 AM Do you really believe in God
Play  7-12 PM Lord, Teach me Play  6-08 PM Worship God Only Play  6-03 PM Our Enemy
Play  7-19 AM Things we should know Play  6-15 AM Gifts from our Father Play  6-10 AM Arise and Sit
Play  7-19 PM Things man cannot do Play  6-15 PM A holier than thou attitude Play  6-10 PM The Joyful Sound
Play  7-26 AM Follow Jesus pt 1 Play  6-22 AM He shall not fail Play  6-17 AM A Father's Duty
Play  7-26 PM Follow Jesus pt 2 Play  6-22 PM What have YOU Given Play  6-24 AM We need Men of Issachar
Play  8-02 AM God hears prayer Play  6-29 AM Never doubt Play  6-24 PM Are you ready to serve God
Play  8-02 PM Press on Play  7-06 AM Remember the days of thy youth Play  7-01 AM His wondrous works
Play  8-09 AM God's tender mercy Play  7-06 PM Trials by Fire Play  7-01 PM Gaining discernment
Play  8-09 PM Life Eternal Play  7-13 AM Encourage one another Play  7-08 AM  The Bundle of Life
Play  8-16 AM Don't let your love for God wax cold Play  7-13 PM Is it God's hand or chance Play  7-08 PM When The Spirit of God is upon us
Play  8-16 PM Trial of your faith Play  7-20 AM Behave yourself wisely Play  7-15 AM Jesus
Play  8-23 AM Silly Doves Play  7-20 PM Behaving ourselves in God's House Play  7-22 AM Jesus, our rock and defense
Play  8-23 PM Is your alter in good repair (Steve Peirce) Play  7-27 AM Hatred for your Brother Play  7-22 PM The Rocks of The Lord
Play  9-13 PM Moved with Fear Play  7-27 PM Good Friends Play  7-29 PM God never changes
Play  9-20 PM Draw nigh to God Play  8-03 PM Stand perfect and complete Play  8-05 PM The Sin Eater
Play  10-04 PM The Fiery Furnace Play  8-10 AM Lift up Jesus Play  8-12 AM The Word will save a soul from death
Play  10-18 AM Be as little children pt 1 Play 8-10 PM Do you believe in Jesus Play  8-12 PM We must inquire of The Lord
Play  10-18 PM Be as little children pt 2 Play  8-17 AM Seek those things above Play  8-19 AM Grow in the knowledge and power of God
Play  10-25 AM God is always watching Play  8-24 AM To have God as our Father Play  8-19 PM Hide God's Word in your heart
Play  10-25 PM The Church Play  8-24 PM Our enemy, Our Father Play  8-26 AM Understanding God's word keeps us
Play  11-08 AM God's Power Play  9-21 AM Storms Play  9-02 AM Can these dry bones live
Play  11-08 PM The Love of God Play  9-21 PM Battle Play  9-02PM God's people need to be fed
Play  11-15 PM So shall ye be established Play  9-28 AM The Armor of God Play  9-09 AM We are all to teach The Word
Play  11-29 AM Rejoice evermore Play  9-28 PM The internal battles Play  9-09 PM The Church of Jesus Christ
Play  11-29 PM Quench not The Spirit Play  10-05 AM Put your trust in God Play  9-16 AM Is Jesus shining in your life
Play  12-13 AM The names of Jesus Play  10-12 AM Fear not, trust God Play  9-16 PM Contentment
Play  12-20 AM Jesus IS Salvation Play  10-12 PM We are going to the other side Play  9-23 AM Vengeance
Play  12-27 AM First things First Play  10-19 AM God knows where you are Play  9-23 PM Our help comes from God
    Play  11-30 AM The Love of God Play  9-30 AM Choose Life
    Play  12-07 AM  ARISE, SHINE.mp3 Play  9-30 PM Going farther in our Service
    Play  12-07 PM Fear not we have a Savior Play  10-07 AM Be not ashamed of The Gospel of Christ
    Play  12-14 AM It is finished Play  10-07 PM I shall not be moved
    Play  12-14 PM What God would have you do Play  10-14 AM Walking Humbly with God
    Play  12-21 AM The Family Tree Play  10-14 PM Courage
    Play  12-28 AM Think on these things Play  11-04 AM The Joy of Jerusalem
    Play  12-28 PM Things we should take Play  11-04 PM Give Willingly
        Play  11-11 AM God is full of compassion
        Play  11-18 AM God of the Hills and Valleys
        Play  11-25 AM Jesus only
        Play  11-25 PM Delivered by our own righteousness
        Play  12-02 AM You can do all things with God
        Play  12-02 PM Drawing nigh
        Play  12-09 PM It is for a reason
        Play  12-16 AM The light of the world
        Play  12-16 PM Why did Jesus come
        Play  12-23 Fear not
        Play  12-30 AM The New Year
        Play  12-30 PM Forgetting






Play  3-26 AM Hide in Jesus        
Play  3-26 PM Circumcise me        
Play  4-02 AM Ambassadors for Christ        
Play  4-02 PM Pleasing The Father        
Play  4-09 PM The True Church        
Play  4-16 AM The Gospel of Jesus        
Play  4-16 PM Being filled with The Spirit        
Play  4-19 AM The mind of Christ        
Play  4-30 Communion with Jesus        
Play  5-07 AM The Valley of Decision.mp3        
Play  5-07 PM Revive Us.mp3        
Play  5-14 AM He leads me        
Play  5-28 AM Temptation and Honor        
Play  5-28 PM When you've been w/ Jesus        
Play  6-04 AM What tree are you        
Play  6-04 PM How are your eyes        
Play  6-11 AM Why do the wicked prosper        
Play  6-11 PM My cup runneth over        
Play  6-18 AM My Father in heaven        
Play  7-02 AM Thou shalt not lie        
Play  7-02 PM All scripture is given by God        
Play  7-09 AM The Lord gives        
Play  7-09 PM Do you bare the marks of Jesus        
Play  7-16 AM Fill your home with Good Things        
Play  7-16 PM Is there anything to hard for The Lord        
Play  7-23 AM Reaping what you sow pt 1        
Play  7-23 PM Reaping what you sow pt 2        
Play  8-06 AM Be a Blessing        
Play  8-06 PM My Father's House        
Play  8-13 PM We only know a little        
Play  8-27 AM Those in need        
Play  8-27 PM The Ephesians        
Play  9-03 AM Saving Souls is required of thee        
Play  9-03 PM Keep Yourself        
Play  9-10 AM Will you finish the work        
Play  9-10 PM You can't hide        
Play  9-17 AM Be strong In The Lord        
Play  9-17 PM Lord, guard the door of my mouth        
Play  9-24 AM Does Jesus offend you        
Play  9-24 PM Sitting w/ those in pain        
Play  10-01 AM Forgiveness        
Play  10-01 PM Light to the upright        
Play  10-08 AM We are sheep        
Play  10-08 PM Our inheritance is in Jesus        
Play  10-15 AM Has God revealed or hid himself to you        
Play  10-22 AM Examine ourselves        
Play  10-22 PM Encourage ourselves        
Play  10-29 AM Fear not        
Play  10-29 PM Meditate on the word        
Play  11-05 AM Qualifications to Govern        
Play  11-05 PM Be united in The Truth        
Play  11-12 AM What does God require        
Play  11-12 PM God's Highway        
Play  11-19 AM Giving thanks        
Play  11-19 PM Give if you are thankful        
Play  11-26 AM  Who or What do you worship        
Play  12-03 AM Our adversary the devil        
Play  12-03 PM The Salvation of The Jews        
Play  12-10 AM Lead us not into temptation        
Play  12-10 PM God's Gifts        
Play  12-24 PM In the fullness of time.mp3        
Play  12-31 AM Repent and Receive        
Play  12-31 PM Lean not on your own understanding        


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